Sep. 12th, 2018

Cabin 9 (Cabin 1 (Cabin 9 - Jim Kirk, Michael, Mon Mothma, Diana Prince, Bucky Barnes (MCU)) will notice that Armitage Hux and Kylo Ren is missing.

Cabin 1 (Cabin 10 (Archex, Alex Morales, Bobby Drake, Emma Frost, Poe Dameron, Jean Kirschtein) will notice that Bail Organa is missing.

THESE SPECIMENS ARE STILL MISSING: Victoria Hand, Howard Stark, Shuri, Steve Harrington, Rey, Luke Skywalker, Regina, Steve Rogers, Leonard McCoy, Bruce Wayne (g), Harry Potter & Darcy Lewis ​
The Upside-down
To return to the land of the living, Bail, Kylo and Hux must Complete a Upside-Down prompt.

This can be done through communications with Romeo, a log or a narrative. Those who were taken by monsters will remember their abduction. Those who were killed by their own story prompts will remember how they died.

Remember, there is no network access in the upside down. They can only communicate through a divination post with someone in Romeo.

Aug. 16th, 2018

Prompt Post

Weekly Prompts
At any time, reply in this post to receive a randomly generated prompt about a mystery, or strange occurrence at the camp. Or if you've been pulled to the upside-down, reply under that section for a prompt.

Reminder: The Upside Down maps directly onto the world above it so the locations are the same... but different. Inspiration for the Upside Down prompts will be drawn from Silent Hill, Creepy Pastas/No Sleeps, and Jacob's Ladder. So things might get a little weird. If you're squeamish about frightening things, let us know and we'll give you something on the mild side.

To not overwhelm your poor mods please limit yourself to 2 prompts per day. Prompts don't have to be written out in threads, they can be network posts. (Except for the Upside Down - but some of those can be "divination" communications, if it works!)
Beartooth Point


Cottonwood Creek

Five Mile Creek

Hollow Oak Lookout

Jonesy Lake

Mule Point

Ruby River

Supply Drop

Thorofare Basin

Thunder Canyon

Wapiti Meadow

Beartooth Point


Cottonwood Creek

Five Mile Creek

Hollow Oak Lookout

Jonesy Lake

Mule Point

Ruby River

Supply Drop

Thorofare Basin

Thunder Canyon

Wapiti Meadow


Aug. 12th, 2018

Once the timer runs out, each specimen will wake up to find themselves seated on a bus with their blockmates. (Deadpool is nowhere to be found). On their seat, they'll find a pack with their name on it. Inside the bag, each block has a unique outfit in the prefered gender of the specimen.
★ You have until tonight to finish searching for Day 11 and Day 12.

★ Please CHECK if you have reached 500g so you can get an item from home and respond here as soon as possible.

★ While on the bus, specimens can still cash in their gold for "Acorn Tickets" which can be used in the Camp.

★ You really... really want to cash in your gold

★ Lima's block was cashed out automatically. All gold found by Lima members has been added to a group pool of acorn tickets.

★ The buses appear to be driving themselves.

Characters who got items from home will also find those items in their packs. If you haven't picked your item yet assume your specimen just missed it at first and finds it later.

★ There are large coolers in the back of the bus with plenty of snacks. Sandwiches, peanuts, etc. Food is bland but there won't be a shortage.

★ Powers are off

★ The network is on, and the only way to communicate with people in other buses

★ IC the characters have no idea how long they'll be on the buses. OOC, you can expect them to be released about Wednesday night or Thursday.


Jul. 26th, 2018

Gold Up in Them There Hills!
★ Click to Enlarge!

★ Select an area on the map that your character would like to search. (In the "Search" section below

★ You can search up to 3 plots a day, but you might want to wait and see where other people are looking before posting more than once - if someone else strikes gold, rush to that quadrant and you might get lucky too!

★ BEWARE! Sometimes you'll find things you aren't looking for, up in them there hills! Sometimes a wild plot prompt will appear. Feel free to thread or post about it on the network!

★ Gold is found by the gram. Each gram is worth 1 SPECIAL dollar. At any time, you can cash in your found gold for this special currency which will have a use that will be revealed at a later time. If you're one of the lucky ones who gains over 500g of gold, you can also request an item from home.

★ Gold Miners in Lima Block will have their special cash complied into one account for use by the entire block.

★ LIMA - $75


Jun. 9th, 2018

Lima/GUEST: Papers Please


Jun. 4th, 2018

Tinder Profile )

Jun. 3rd, 2018

Year 2: Part 2


Mar. 17th, 2018

Sign ups
★ Leave a comment with Characters in your Party and Which Scientist you want a quest from

★ Interact amongst yourselves and make decisions about what you're going to do.


Jan. 15th, 2018



Jan. 11th, 2018

OOC Sign-Ups for Atomic Age Employment or School Teams/Clubs!
★ Leave a comment with your adult character's name, the place they'd like to work and their position (decided by you) if needed!

★ Leave a comment with your teen/kid character's name, and any clubs or teams they'd like to be a part of! There is no limit for this :)

Jan. 1st, 2018


Natasha Romanoff has been moved to November room 333.
Harley Quinn has been moved to Romeo room 609.
Bucky Barnes (AA) has been moved to Delta room 818.

Both have been given new starter sets, and their former block clothing has been taken away.


But Hotel is very disappointed in the ways that his block has turned on themselves and they, therefore, will be punished. Today it will be publicly announced that Hotel block, has within their power the choice to return powers to everyone at the Wittgenstein.

Further instructions will be given to Hotel Block alone. To restore powers, Hotel block has been broken into factions, each faction is given the raw materials and the instructions to build a part of a machine that will, when joined with the other pieces, restore powers to all residents of the Wittgenstein.

If the machine is completed, there is a possibility that the ability to turn powers on/off for the Collective and individual Specimens will be given to the specimens. Hotel Block will know this.

OOC: Each faction has been given a word count based on the number of members in the faction. To complete their piece of the machine, that faction must reach their word count. Obviously, the fastest way to do that would be to write threads within your faction group, but all threads, comments, and narratives will count, starting as of today January 1st (We'll include last night's NYE post, as well) until January 15th.

To submit your count for a character, comment under their faction heading below with a word count total, (Copy-Paste comments in GDocs or Here to get your total) and a link to the threads/comments in question.

If threads happen with outside faction members, only the half written by the Hotel specimen count.

If the comments/thread is two Hotels in different factions, their individual comments count for only their own faction.

You can submit before a thread is "Completed", just reply to your own initial comment with an updated total if more words happen :)


Remember: the survival of humanity depends on your contribution!

Dec. 16th, 2017

Prompt table )

Dec. 8th, 2017

Big Game Hunting: DropBox

Big Game Hunting: Drop Box

2/2 Snow Leopard: Selina Kyle, Sharon Carter (MCU)
2/2 Snow Monkeys: Cassian Andor, Hansel
2/2 Penguin Exhibit: Bucky Barnes (MCU), Piotr Rasputin
4/4 Red Panda Habitat: Jyn Erso, Harley Quinn, Sam Winchester, Daenerys Targaryen
2/2 Tropic Zone: Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson
3/3 Grizzly Bears: River Tam, Nathan Summers, Jessica Jones (MCU)
1/1 Sea Lion Exhibit: Carl Grimes
0/1 Cows: Betty Cooper,
2/2 Sheep: Logan, Laura
1/3 Goats: Helmut Zemo, Melissa Gold, Maria Hill
1/1 Duck Pond: Rogue (TAS)
2/2 Pig Pen: Pietro Maximoff (MCU), Marian Pouncy
1/2 Owls: Graverobber, Jefferson

Characters in ORANGE have been released

This is an screened post

Finding Under the animal you are looking for, post a comment with the location your character is searching. For location, be as specific as possible! Central Park is full of landmarks, ponds, statues, buildings and areas that the animals could be hiding in. (HINT: they will be in one of the numbered spots) After your comment is posted, one of three things will happen.
You will get a comment saying the animal is not in that location.
You will get a clue suggesting some other animal might be close by, at which time you can proceed to that animal's heading and search.
You will get a comment saying that the animal was spotted and caught, or spotted and got away.
Catching Based on the size and cunning of an animal, they have been given a span of numbers between 1-25. When an animal is spotted the mods will RNG a number that will tell you if your team/character has managed to catch the animal or not
If an Animal Gets Away: Players can post looking for the same animal in a new location, and try again. After 3 tries, those characters have to move on to a new animal
If An Animal Gets Caught: They will be returned to their enclosure and a member of Hotel will be released. For every animal caught, one person will be released from the enclosure. For safety's sake, an invisible barrier will go up between animals and any remaining Hotel specimens in the enclosures

Once a group of characters captures an animal, they are "out" and can no longer search for more animals

Freed Hotel specimens can join the hunt.

Characters can only search for up to 2 animals a day. So, after they try and fail to catch one animal, they can try for another. BONUS: Groups who began the search last night get 3 tries on the first day

Nov. 30th, 2017

Wittgenstein Reward: Christmas Shopping. )

Sep. 23rd, 2017


ARENA 💎 INTERACTIVE MAP 💎 FAQ 💎 SPONSOR SHOP 💎 SPONSOR FUNDS 💎 Betting odds: Winner 💎 Betting odds: Other

Sponsor Funds
  • Squad 1 - Tributes (M. Hill / D. Johnson) - Mentors (S. Carter / B. Barnes (616) - 895 HB
  • Squad 2 - Tributes (D. Grayson) - Mentors (B. Banner / T. Stark (616)
    ) - 1020 HB
  • Squad 3 - Tributes (D. Lewis) - Mentors (P. Carter / S. Wilson) - 720 HB
  • Squad 4 - Mentor (B. Banner (MCU) - 105 HB
  • Squad 5 - Mentor (C. Danvers) - 535 HB
  • Squad 6 - Tributes (R. Darkholme / Rogue (616) - Mentor (C. Xavier) - 730 HB
  • Squad 7 - Mentor (J. Grey (616) - 965 HB
  • Squad 8 - Tributes (M. Gold / Rocket) - Mentor (B. Rook) - 1050 HB
  • Squad 9 - Tributes (P. Dameron) - Mentor (L. Organa) - 925 HB
  • Squad 10 - Tributes (H. Quinn) - Mentors (D. Prince / B. Wayne (DCEU) ) - 640 HB
  • Squad 11 - Mentor (C. Niehaus) - 325 HB
  • Squad 12 - Mentor (A. Jensen) - 1050 HB
  • Squad 13 - Mentor (M. Tyrell) - 955 HB

Councillors & Jurors: Comment below with sponsor gifts for your squad. Specify what you are buying, its cost, and which tribute you are sending it to.

Tributes Comment here with any traps or changes you have made or would like to make to the arena.

Remember: the survival of humanity depends on your contribution!

Welcome to the Hunger: FAQ )

Aug. 29th, 2017

Beat the Elite! )

Aug. 17th, 2017

Pokemon Dropbox

Pokemon Dropbox

This is an unscreened post
We highly recommend tracking replies to your relevant cities or towns (If you have characters in every block, maybe alternate what you're tracking, or track the whole post)
Adults, feel free to reply to the young trainers looking for matches in your town. We'll only do random pairings if no one replies.
Trainers and Adults can only request 1 search per day, per character
Trainers can have up to 6 pokemon total
Adults can have up to 3 pokemon totle
You must remain in only 1 town per day, and you can only submit 2 random adult requests, or 1 random adult and 1 gym battle per day.
Try to space out how often you accept matches to give everyone a fair chance. (Yes, including Foxtrot)
Please approach us if you have any questions

Jul. 16th, 2017


Submit your guesses, ask for hints, or ask questions!

Find something to sell on the black market? Lift some rubble? Submit your hard work there and we’ll tell you what you are given for it. Sometimes it’ll be more coupons, sometimes it might be an item, and sometimes it might be a clue. We aren’t asking you to tell us when a character makes up their own clues or lies, the only thing characters can’t do is disappear other characters themselves.

cut for image )

1. Sharon Carter (616) [Stane / Mike]
2. Tony Stark (MCU)
3. Obadiah Stane

1. Zemo [Carter / Mike]
2. Wanda Maximoff [Carter / Mike]
3. Pietro Maximoff [Amos / Hotel]
4. Ian Malcolm [Malcolm / November]
5. Kobik [Echo / Echo] .
6. Steve Rogers [Carter / Mike]
7. Bucky Barnes (MCU) [Malcolm/November]
8. Galen Erso [Stane / Mike]
9. Natasha Romanoff [Amos / Hotel]
10. Tony Stark (616) [Malcolm/November] ?

Jun. 30th, 2017

Scenario 2: Circus Results

circus task results )